The Dryclean House is the next generation dry cleaning service provider. With over 5 years of collective experience in the dry cleaning and laundry business, we constantly endeavor to provide the best advice and service based on our knowledge and expertise. The Dryclean House started serving customers in 2014, but the real journey started a decade ago.

Yogesh Khera, Jitender Khera, and Sachin Khera, Founders, brothers and the brainers behind The Dryclean House, together started spending time contemplating of how a change could be brought in the way both consumers as well as cleaners, think about clothing care. In a short while, The Dryclean House made its service available in Pitampura, Delhi, and the real story behind this family run business began.

At The Dryclean House, we take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. Our technology delivers a better quality clean that is kinder to your skin, your health, your clothes and our planet. We have employed very stringent and pioneering methods to promote and ensure the best possible favorable alternatives to our environment. With special emphasis on expertise, quality, reliability, and top-notch convenience, we work to provide a solution to take care of everything that’s in your closet.

We offer a range of services that entail standard dry cleaning to steam press and gentle sofa dry cleaning, among others. Over the past few years of our trading, we have built up a sound customer base and a reputation to boast of. We’re extremely conscious about the care and attention required in dealing with fine linens drycleaning and delicate fabrics dry cleaning, and hence, we constantly strive and undertake quality control checks and fabric examinations throughout the cleaning process.

If you’re looking for dry cleaning or laundry pickup service, we’re here to help and deliver within 24 hours. Our services rightly fit into your fast-paced life. While some call it magic, we call it as our responsibility.


We advise you not to wash clothes with harmful detergents by yourself. This could make even more difficult to get rid of dirt that merges with fiber of the fabric. In case we are unable to completely remove stains from the cloths, we will certainly get in touch with you to discuss any further possibilities.


Wedding And Heavy Dresses

Our experienced specialists will thoroughly examine your dress and pay careful attention to any special requests you have made. They will then treat any stains, imperfections, or blemishes and make the required repairs, followed by dry cleaning of your Wedding, designer wear, gown or other heavy dresses.

A specialist will then hand-press your dress to ensure any folds, ruffles, peplums and pleats are perfectly held in place and smoothened to grace your figure. Once a final quality review is carried out to check if all customer care specifications are adhered, the gown is then wrapped and delicately folded to be picked up or delivered.

Business Clothing

We provide dry clean services for business clothing items including shirts, ties, coats, waistcoats, blazers, trousers, and dresses. Your coats and blazers describe a lot about you, but once it’s taken off, it’s only the shirt and the tie that does all the talking. At The Dryclean House, we pay special attention to delivering the highest quality drycleaning business clothing service, since we care about the first and last impression you’d want to make.

House Hold Interior Products

It is quite important to keep your home looking vibrant and fresh, and one of the best ways of doing so is to get your household items cleaned that otherwise go through a lot on a daily basis. Here, at The Dryclean House, we can clean and polish all types of household items, from sofa dry cleaning, curtains dry cleaning, bags dry cleaning, chairs, dry cleaning to carpet dry cleaning. Our expert will visit your premises at a time that is convenient for you, work on-site on the dust and stains stuck to your sofa, and set it back freshly cleaned and set to breathe new life into your home.